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Maddy W.

Maddy Weisz grew up in Cleveland, OH and attended Ohio State University receiving her degree in Adult Education. She moved to the San Francisco Bay Area during the Summer of Love and after about 10 years of life on the west coast moved to Columbus, OH. Maddy has lived in both The Circles and Harrison West and has been a resident of The Short North for the last 46 years! 

Maddy retired from the State of Ohio where she worked in the Human Resources Department as a Training officer providing training to employees. She most enjoyed being in the classroom and helping adults to learn the skills necessary for the job while also making it fun!  

Maddy enjoys bringing people together and often does so by cooking and baking. She used to teach a vegetarian cooking class at The Ohio State University and then took the class on the road to local restaurants in Columbus to support small businesses. Maddy spends her days in retirement doing various activities. Aside from cooking and baking, she also enjoys gardening.

Maddy first got involved with At Home By High after learning about the organization from a neighbor. She joined as a social member in 2018 and enjoys the community that comes together. In August of 2020, Maddy joined the At Home By High Board of Directors. As a board member she has been on the recruitment and event committees helping neighbors to get signed up and connected. She most enjoys contributing ideas to the board. Maddy says, “She likes the mission of the organization, it’s very clear and everything that we’re doing supports the mission. I like that the people in the neighborhood who are not economically advantaged are given additional assistance which helps them.” Maddy is also an active board member of the Friends of Goodale Park and played a strategic role in the development of the elephant fountain at the center of the pond in Goodale Park, which debuted in May of 2013 after a lengthy 11-year planning process.

 Maddy also enjoys traveling and has plans to visit New York City this summer!