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Mostafa D.

In addition to the normal challenges moving to another country presents, Mostafa was shocked to be in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. Starting college is eventful in and of itself. Mostafa remembers arriving in the United States in the year 1960 at the age of 18 and the cultural shock he felt. Never could he imagine the turmoil the nation would be experiencing - signs designating racial divisions, protests, discrimination, and injustices. At that time, it would be hard to imagine him making the decision to remain in America rather than return to Iran after graduation but fate has a funny way of working sometimes. 

Mostafa had a plan. He would study metallurgical engineering in the United States and return home to work in the first metal processing plant established in Iran. However, once he began his studies he decided to switch paths and graduate with a degree in Business Economics. He soon grew to enjoy his time in America especially when fate led him to find love. 

It’s a college story as old as time - the student union is the perfect place to meet your mate. Mostafa remembers being approached by a young lady while sitting by himself reading. She mentioned that her roommate had the desire to meet him and he ultimately married this college sweetheart. 

Although at one point he dabbled with the thought of becoming a pilot, his career path ultimately ended with a position at Chase Bank utilizing his degree well.

Mostafa is a very intense conversationalist. Whether he is sharing his passion for birds, his discontent for current affairs, or his opinions on other topics of interest - you always know he will be very animated and speak with a distinct, staccato veracity. He is quick to volunteer his assistance and helps other residents in his building on a regular basis. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he will bend over backwards to help his friends. At the age of 79, he is still taking daily walks to ensure his physical health and well-being.

He is a proud member of At Home by High and is thankful for our advocacy efforts to ensure older adults have a voice in issues facing them on a daily basis.