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Xing Qing Pan 

It is with great sadness that we share of Xing Qing Pan’s passing. Affectionately known as Dr. Pan, he has been a member of At Home by High since October 2018. Pan was born and raised in Shanghai, China. At the age of 18, he went to college and never looked back. With a focus on cancer research, he traveled to several countries for his work until he settled in Columbus, OH to work at The Ohio State University. 


Outside of his research, he was an avid photographer with the artist name of Roadside Pan. His favorite spots were Goodale Park and the Park of Roses. Many of you might recall that he donated several of his framed photos for our fundraiser and for our weekly bingo prizes. Several of  our members now have galleries of his work in their homes. Recently, we partnered with Wallick Properties to select some of his photography to hang throughout the building he resided in and now serves as a permanent reminder of his presence.


After his passing, his long-time friend and fellow member of At Home by High shared that she and Pan first met while he was lecturing about Chinese History in Canton, OH. She was a high school history teacher and a driving instructor.  They quickly became friends and she later taught him how to drive! Years later their paths would cross again as they both became residents of Bollinger Tower. When Bollinger Tower was sold in 2017, they both moved to Victorian Heritage in the University District. 


Pan relied on the social interactions of our weekly coffee meet-ups at the Northside Library. He always stressed the importance of a social network for older adults. When the pandemic hit Columbus, he pressed At Home by High to find a way for members to gather safely. This led to us moving from virtual coffee meet-ups to in-person meet-ups utilizing the Goodale Park Caretaker’s Residence. This allowed our older adults to gather in a small group safely. As one of our few members with a car, Pan volunteered to drive his fellow residents to Goodale each week.


Pan loved when we partnered with OSU’s Colleges of Nursing and Medicine. His face would light up as he spoke with the students about his research. He also took delight in sharing health and wellness tips with our members to ensure they remain as healthy as possible. 


When At Home by High installed a community garden at his building, he recalled that he had not gardened since he left home at the age of 18. He was so excited to plant loofah and a lovely array of flowers. During our first gardening day, volunteers had to carefully watch him as he was caught multiple times overwatering everything! The power of the hose was just too great. He was delighted at the prospect of having a garden to grow and experiment in.


Pan will be greatly missed by all of us. In May, we will be honoring his memory with a special planting at the Victorian Heritage community garden. Stay tuned for details. Please feel free to share any Pan memories with us below.