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Sharon T.

Sharon is a long-time resident of Milo-Grogan, growing up in Milo and living there for the majority of her life. Sharon is one of five children in her family. As a child she enjoyed school and was very outgoing. Sharon went to school at the Milo-Grogan Elementary School on E 3rd Avenue before it closed and became Milo Arts. 

Sharon enjoys serving her community in a multitude of ways. She has served on the Milo-Grogan Area Commission for many years and was the treasurer of the commission for two years. Miss Sharon is also involved in the Milo-Grogan Civic Association and makes sure that her voice is heard in the community. She is a leader in her church, New Jerusalem Progressive Church of God, volunteering for events and attending services weekly. She also likes to sing and was a part of the church choir. 

Sharon worked for 15 years as a supervisor at ViaQuest, running 3 different residential housing facilities for individuals with disabilities. She is passionate about serving the special needs community, in part due to her children. Sharon is now a caregiver to her two adult children, Ashley and Sheridan, as well as a few other family members who have differing ability levels. Sharon shared that she likes to keep her children active, involving them in activities such as the Special Olympics. She boasts of their medals from those competitions and has deep love and care for her family. 

Miss Sharon enjoys traveling, seeing movies, going out to dinner, and going shopping. She also enjoys relaxing and doing nothing for a while or reading a book. Sharon attends monthly movie meetups with her friends, where each of them take turns picking the movie. When it was her turn recently, she picked the new Mission Impossible movie. When asked her favorite travel destination, Sharon shared that she most enjoyed her trip to the Bahamas 12 years ago. 

Sharon has been a member of At Home By High since 2018. She attends the majority of our events and activities, bringing Ashley and Sheridan with her. We love having Sharon and her family be part of our group and witness the ways that she intentionally includes her children in the things that she enjoys. When asked why she values At Home By High, Miss Sharon said that she really enjoys the events, especially getting to have unique, new experiences that she otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to. She loves getting to try new foods and visit new places with us, as well as attending weekly coffee meet-ups. We are so grateful to know and learn from Sharon and her family. They are all integral to the community of AHBH.