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Tania P. 


In Tania’s previous day job, she worked closely with Senior Corps program directors across Ohio. Senior Corps programs recruit older adult volunteers for all kinds of service activities - including providing companionship and transportation to other older people in their communities.  One thing that stood out to Tania was that, no matter how many Senior Corps volunteers were recruited, they couldn't meet the needs in the Columbus community.  She decided to start volunteering with At Home by High because she saw that there were older adults in her own neighborhood that could benefit from this type of support, and saw how rewarding this type of volunteering can be. Tania does a lot of yard work for our members. “It’s a nice way to get moving on my weekend mornings,” she says. 

When asked her favorite part about volunteering, Tania says she loves getting to know the amazing women who are members of At Home by High.“I appreciate the chance to get their perspective on life in our city and it's fun to hear stories about the Columbus that existed before I moved here,” she says.

Tania also loves swapping baked goods with an AHBH member that she regularly visits. During the holidays, the member showed her how to make delicious bon bons with the most unexpected ingredient - mashed potatoes! She's also shared some of her other baked goods with her, including some delightfully chewy homemade peanut butter cookies and a flavorful coconut pecan cake.  In return, Tania shares samples of different cookie recipes she’s testing out (pre-pandemic, Tania would enter the Ohio State Fair baking contest each summer and is grateful to have a not-too-critical cookie critic).  Now that they're quarantining they don't get to eat the cookies together, but they still swap baked goods out on the front porch every so often.    

When not volunteering Tania is still doing quite a bit of baking, even though the State Fair baking competition was canceled this year. She also recently installed a bird feeder outside her home office window. “I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of birds that come by every day - especially the bright gold finches and the cute little chipping sparrows,” she says.